Centenary by Nick Cooke

I am not a silent poet

Announcement. War. Consternation. Speeches.

Excitement. Buzz. Duty. Country.

Empire. Speeches. Recruitment. Medical.

Training. Cameraderie. Lee-Enfield. Bayonets.

Ruthless. Farewells. Pride. Speeches.

Lucifers. Boat. Brigade. Oath.

Tradition. March. Bombardment. Counter.

Kill. Thrill. Nightmares. Ambush.

Retreat. Snipers. Vigilance. Extreme.

Trenches. Rats. Tetchy. Itching.

Temperature. Fever. Infirmary. Shelling.

Constant. Hallucinating. Nurses. Angels.

Recovered. Back. Greetings. Delight.

Victory! Christmas. Football. Surreal.

Resumption. Hostility. Endless. Crazy.

Meaningless. Orders. Decamp. Reinforcements.

Anniversary. Intensification. Terror. Secret.

Verdun. Speeches. Courage. Rally.

Together. Push. When? July.

Where? Somme. Jesus. Time.

Flying. History. Letters. Home.

Pray. Orders. Fix. Bayonets.

Madness. Surely. Insanity. Duty.

Flags. Screaming. Go. Go.

Go. God. Help. Us.

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