Culture Shot by Fred Mecklenburg

I am not a silent poet

“don’t move!” he shouts
and aims
a nervous practiced hand
bearing death
“don’t move!” he barks
at history
embodied here at arm’s length
asking “why?”
“don’t move!” he cries
“don’t move!”
where in the dimness of his world
wraps himself in oblivion
scenic horses
stride away the dream
of a moment
late villain
of imagination carried
to the hills
“don’t move!” it reads
in the caption says “the shooting
will be investigated”
“don’t move!” he knows
his dreams
will win his murder vindication
lest his world must wake
and move as if
justice baring all its dangers
and angry eyed truth
women dance
in proscenium mirrors
amber flows
the free and brave
well trained to silence smile
embrace him
“don’t move!” he laughs
“old friends
I love you just like you are
cold as death”
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