The Closure of Forgiveness by Christina Murphy

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

The spirit’s recovered body,

mending grief from dust to dust,

mediated by destinations and layered visions

resembling the whole / fragmented

and the fragmented  / whole

in points of duration-less time

In the anonymity of lost identity,

we call to you, Andromeda;

rescue the falling and the failing,

hold us in the armor of halos

and saintly poses disembodied from the flesh;

find for us comfort in the ritual of

blue infinities and cloud-hands folded in prayer

From your rock tower, speak with compassion

of loneliness adrift in union and isolation,

and of lifelines lost or tenuously found;

help us climb from grief to hear your words—



calling to all—

to invite / besiege the closure of forgiveness

for the mind’s solace and the heart’s redemption

Christina Murphy’s poetry is about consciousness as subjective awareness, and her work appears in a range of journals and anthologies including PANK

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