Alcoholic Mummy by Mirona

I am not a silent poet

Mummy tumbled through her life
At speeds of crushing thunder.
She didn’t stop to gather thoughts
Nor stopped to breathe and grasp
The soaring beauty off the pain
Present at each meander.

Then mummy, in a free fall
Felt her bump and sparkled!
A froth of bubbly love rushed in
she forgot her meanders.

You nudged her, flapped and fluttered;
Tickles and coos danced to her ears.
From then, you’re all that mattered.

Juggling memories
Coasting nightmares
Mummy finally collided.

Present pulses, indirect-
Hit you, my love,
The hardest.


I am a striving, guilt-ridden alcoholic mum of one, wife to one 🙂 Below is a poem I wrote last year, whilst in rehab. I write only for myself, no one has ever seen it. I’m not embarrassed by it, it’s just that I don’t write ‘for someone’ but just ‘at’ me. If that makes any sense. Thank you for…

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