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73 Civilians by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

For seventy-three civilians I leave

The flowers that drones leave on dusty ground

And wrap them in responsible newspapers leaving your tragic news.

For thirty-five children oh fuck it

I leave statistics like coat pegs to hang shame from

And wrap myself in my own arms trying to make sense of first worlds.

For white news anchors selling skin and Gods

I picture little Hamza holding Pokemon monsters to be found

And wrap myself in lovemaking so I can bury begging boys and girls.

For forty-three years I have lived well

Drones once made honey weeping from blackfly Acacia

And I wrapped myself in the swirling fumes of my Dad’s knackered moped.

For seventy-three civilians with names

I will simply report that your deaths were not reported

And that Donald Trump’s boulevard star has a wall built around it now.

For seventy-three holes being dug shallow

I hope your sleep…

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A Raging Migraine by Rose Drew

I am not a silent poet

I feel rage coming on like a migraine,
thumping, thump thump thump,
the beat of 25 quid not all can spend
just to vote.

This what Murica does right?
The free vote,
the easy signup to a party,
the precious bit of paper
(denied to felons, and the mislabelled dead who still live)
(try sorting that one out)
the invite to the polling station
(that is moved or breaks down)

your name on a list, listed by street,
just check you off,

unless you need gummint ID (new laws)
and unless this ID cannot be gotten
without buses taken to far off offices
not on bus routes,
not often open,
requiring birth certificates you can’t find
for an at-home birth in a sharecropper’s hut
in 1925.
(try sorting that out)

Age 90, can’t see
and the courthouse burned down and anyway
you was housekeeper for the judge
don’t they…

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