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Butchered Little Things by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

Once upon a wartime

I liked my Trump steaks bloody

Mopping up the mess with onion rings

Switching between Iraqi widows and reality shows

I liked it in The Apprentice when you fired a man for saying white trash.

Once upon a wartime

A cow in Basra grazed on rare grass

growing in a shadows of steel Nissan flowers

That once collected hay and filled the air with Johnny Cash

I liked it on Fox News when they said how awesome the firepower was.

Once upon a wartime

An idol was worshipped every week

I’d eat my British Indian takeaway as Simon Cowell

Stood clapping for a dangerous white dog walking on both legs as

meanwhile in opium a soldier lost her legs then her mind back in Glasgow.

Once upon a wartime

I preferred my steaks cold and blue

Like that war in the bedsit on Nobody Road


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