Voices in Time by Pamela Ireland Duffy

I am not a silent poet

For years,

we sat in silence

tearing out our eyes

for fear of darkness,

biting off our tongues

for fear of lies

for years

fearful and lost

whilst gaolers jangled keys

and swaggered

and echoes whimpered

in the endless corridors

each blind eye

and silent tongue

turns the key more surely

on each hostage heart

and walls each one of us

into the solitary prisons

of an aching world

but it is time now

time to look

time to speak

we are humanity

and we are neither blind

nor silent

only look evil in the face

and speak its name

and all the choirs of history

shall sing unbound

and before us

no dark lie shall hold.

Pamela Ireland Duffy

I have written poems since childhood, but rarely showed them to others.  I have lived in France since 1988, and although I haven’t abandoned my native tongue, I write mostly…

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