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New Thongs and Grundies – Deportation Special


new boots and pantisocracies

This is a one-off posting in support of the Brain Family who came to live in the Scottish Highlands from Australia under a Visa scheme which was rescinded after they had packed up their home and left to come to the UK, but before they arrived. They now face summary deportation.

They are doubtless one of many families and individuals facing deportation after coming to the UK in good faith either to study or to work legally. More information can be found on a Facebook page dedicated to their plight.

If you feel that the UK Government’s attitude to immigration is unfair, or if you simply feel that this particular case is unjust, please share this poem by Stuart Paterson on Facebook. Feel free to Tweet it using the hashtag  

Stuart A. Paterson

Lachlan is 7, doesn’t understand
devolved affairs, which state departments,
offices, responsibilities…

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Copcam by Katy Wareham Morris

I am not a silent poet

I watched a video of a guy on an evening bike ride. A ride to clear his head from the stresses of the day. To relieve the pressure. He was cycling and circling around his neighbourhood, the familiar streets.
Confident in the twists, turns and bends –
he knew what was coming so he weaved
and sometimes he’d sprint, but mainly
he’d just pedal a couple of times and
…………let the chain and the wheels turn.

He takes a turn and sees orange light ahead. He’s stands up and stretches his neck. His white t-shirt stands out clearly against the silky-crow-feather night,
his face cloaked by winged shadow.
He tries to see the trouble, hoping it’s not
………his cousin,
………his nephew,
………not even his hot-dog guy
in the latest choke hold. He watches another guy getting flattened by seven other guys.
………It’s hard…

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