My Body, A Hospital by Natalie Crick

I am not a silent poet

This is not as I expected.

In this mess, you shall not miss me,

I have decided.

Ready for war,

Such fireworks, they upset me.

Blood falls down.


Oh, how I envy you!

You are always there

As roots cling to Earth.

My Nurse,

With hair and wings.

I pass out and let strangers touch me.


A nest of eggs.

White ovaries crowd inside like pale globes.

I hatch one out: a dirty chick

Crouching yellow in the corner. I catch the drips of

Black blood.

Filthy Witch, I am chasing stars.


Bastard. My vagina opens like a wound.

The red sea parts and you run to me.

Wild ghost,

You have found me out!

Fireworks dive through my fingertips.

I will cut your face clean off.


Blame teases your breasts.

My shame is stuck in the air like rape,

Alone with God and

Turned out…

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