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Child of our Time by Jackie Biggs

I am not a silent poet

(for Omran Daqneesh,

and all the other children in Aleppo)

He’s the kid who

wiped his bloody hand

on the seat,

on that orange cover.

Maybe it won’t show much,

the blood on his hands –

and on ours,

on that orange.

He has lived all his life

in a war zone,

it is all he knows.

The doctor says,

          we live in a new holocaust,

          in the 21st century.


          Every day our hearts are broken,

           but we must do what we can.


This boy was ‘lucky’, he says.

He is still alive.


Jackie Biggs is a freelance writer, editor and poet. Her first collection of poetry, The Spaces in Between was published in September 2015 by Pinewood Press. Some of her poetry (and other work) appears on her blog: http://jackie-news.blogspot.co.uk

Contact:  jackienews@hotmail.co.uk

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A San Francisco Ode by Neeli Cherkovski

I am not a silent poet

seeds, real words, first real words
reeling from his palm, he turns over
the book, first thing I thought was
of the Odes, a book of blood and lamentation
spoonful of fog rising
from the Bay waters, loom of Raccoon Straits,
the ruins of Jack London, the mansions
on Rincon Hill, wild boys of the Barbary Coast,
Irish painter who dotted
my face with freckles, Tiny Trent on Broadway’s
wrecked façade, moving pictures, mountains
and trails

these are the seeds he placed
on your eyes, the delicate lives
running and jumping deep inside, wounds
in the seed, skip and romp, imitate
shooting stars, bless the robed
hillsides, spell over the town
your wizard’s wand, old men in
row houses shifting the shadows around
and drinking Bourbon, the retired garage
mechanic, aged Italian musicians
scraping the bottom in this white city
nailed to the drums of Ohlone

rows of spring flowers,

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