From The Bronx To The Arctic Tundra by Clara B. Jones

Issue 5 of The Curly Mind opens with this poem by Clara B. Jones

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Boys in West Baltimore bought Ralph Lauren suits

To simulate actual sculpted effects of heads turned

To make a point of homeboys enhanced with Colossal® Maybelline.

In Rome, Luigi Nervi designed basketball courts

To mark the occasion of minimalist wardrobes

As lifetime equalizers

With bronze neoprene briefs

While girls rented French couture

Luxurious as eel skin and cerulean silk.

Crime in America decreased

When Helmut Lang flew to La Guardia

On his way to Dior’s Kaleidoscope® shop

Unspooling something stereotyped

In an avant-garde neighborhood smelling of bacon and flounder

Too good to be true but restoring worth

To funny jokes

About network cascades and climate change.


Bio: Clara B. Jones is a retired scientist, currently practicing poetry in Silver Spring, MD (USA). As a woman of color, Clara writes about the “performance” of identity, alienation, and power and conducts research on experimental poetry. Her poems, reviews, essays, and interviews…

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