Tinselweb by Aad de Gids

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

it is, pondering further about the shiveringly cold and abstract new implications
of the internet, www, cyberspace, computational interdependent human reciprocity
with just keys and touchscreen, bluetooth and wifi, swipes and apps, the bankability
of those beautiful girls wearing that and that nailpolish with balinese gestes shown

that, is of interest for new companies inbetween bank, advertisement, infotainment,
virality of transphenomena along the glassfiberlines on the bottom of the sea, these
new trancephenomena tripnonevents which, are of interest both of the promotors the
gals, and the other end of cosmetics companies, fashionista industry neo/if/cultural

events which draws in all the wrong and righteous people alike bc there isn’t any one
obvious line between such categories anymore we’re good and bad and ugly and crisp
smooth and unexpected suited in rags or “rags and bone” or target or found clothes
or boutiqued up with fried brains but enough dexterity to lame…

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