She Brings by the Wednesday Poetry Collective

I am not a silent poet

the diary to remember
her appointments, the thread
for knitting, to keep her hands
working when her head is busy,
the map to find her place,
to be sure she doesn’t get lost,
the picture of her beloved,
not with her, in silver,
sheet music to learn the piano
like she’s always wanted,
money to buy the things
she needs, an oil lamp for light,
a silver heart that plays
a melody when she moves,
spices for flavour, travel documents
in a plastic wallet (if she collapses
people will know who she is),
a bible for comfort, for safety,
for prayers, seeds from home
to remind her of its vegetables,
and finally in the red gauze pouch
she places her mother’s jewels,
like treasure, so when she holds
them, she can remember.
the Wednesday Poetry Collective at Shakti Women’s Aid, writing with Marjorie Lotfi Gill on The Belonging Project

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