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Let’s make America Great, like it was in Old Testament Times, by Sue Kindon

I am not a silent poet

a land of milk and honey, hun,
don’t worry your flint-stone brain.

A home on the firing range
where the plastic surgeon reigns

and every unwanted boy child
is given a gun and sent into the wild.

A pioneering ground, where we can
lynch our neighbour. None

of that cissy love stuff,

let’s write out Jesus, King of the Jews,
and build a wall with Israel. Breaking news,

God is the one true all-American progenitor!
His anointed have built a golden elevator

to a fairway where chosen journalists
may bend His ear. A-men! At His behest

we don the starched white hoods of hate
and worship the burning bush – it’s just weather.

we’ll soon have the old world flat again.

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