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Pitch for a Forthcoming American Disaster Movie by Jonathan Taylor

I am not a silent poet

After Susan Sontag


Okay, we know that a BIG THING

has to happen before the titles

which foreshadows what is to come,

and we know that there must be

an expert (obviously six-foot Alpha)

who knows what is foreshadowed

because he has spent all his life

figuring it out, neglecting the wife

and son or daughter because of it.


He must warn a mayor or another

jobsworth who scoffs and ignores

him because of money or power

(which, of course, are BAD THINGS).

Meanwhile, the BIG THING worsens

though various CGI tableaux

where people who we don’t know

are whistling through day-to-day

lives but are then eaten, burned,

infected, crushed or drowned.


Depending on how BIG the BIG THING

is, hundreds, thousands or millions

of people can die, till the mayor guy

is overruled and hands over the reins

to our expert. He will save the day

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