Lost Dreams by Rick Richardson

I am not a silent poet

On a black night
one cold November
the lost Buffalo Soldier
came back to his home
and found his family
dead and gone, white
people were living
in his house with chickens
even though his name
was still scratched on
the prow of the mailbox,
so he unbuttoned his shirt
and waited in the fields
until the moon came up
and shined in the shaving mirror
nailed to a post on the porch
while he smoked remembering
all you have to do is dream
the old king had told him.

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1 thought on “Lost Dreams by Rick Richardson

  1. Rick Richardson

    Thank you for providing us poets a platform for our poetry and our protests, Reuben. This poem was inspired by the recent election of Donald Trump as President-elect. I am still in shock that my fellow citizens elected this fascist. The Buffalo Soldier in the poem is a metaphor for our current President (who has been the most intelligent and effective US Presidents in my lifetime), and also representative of the position African-Americans and other minorities will find themselves in under a Trump administration. The far-right supporters of Trump and his policies will not make life easy for minorities and immigrants of color over the coming years. The “old king” of the poem refers to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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