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Extrapolation by Angi Holden

I am not a silent poet

I was in the chandler’s the first time it happened.
I’d gone in to buy a cleat, so while the staff were busy
I cruised round the aisles. The lad with the ginger hair,
the one who knows the tide tables and the weather forecast,
was helping a father and daughter choose a life-preserver.
The ones they’d already tried lay scattered round their feet,
discarded, like those abandoned across Greek beaches.
And as the child bounced between the shelves,
the orange jacket tied snugly around her small body,
I saw her bobbing away from the boat, her mother
calling her name, weeping into the salt water.
Now it happens all the time: in the street,
in the supermarket, in the school playground.
I see children, even the lucky ones in life-jackets,
drifting just out of reach, swallowed up by the sea,
bone-chilled, to be washed up on some distant shore.

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Safe Harbour by Suz Winspear

I am not a silent poet

As Orson Welles said on the wheel,
in times of strife and chaos, art will thrive.
If that were true, these nervous times will show
a huge resurgence of creative acts.
The last-night buses will convey
a thousand stories, insight-deep
to counteract abusive angry words,
and sonnets will be piled up high
behind the foodbank doors.
Mystic sculptures will adorn the polling booths
and arias resound in jobcentres.
When transatlantic news reports
tell tales of unimagined power
handed to sour white men with ugly views,
a generation will enchant us with new thoughts
that no-one ever dared to think before.

Maybe . .
or maybe not.

Maybe what we need are some few souls
shining like lanterns on a headland late at night,
warning ships of rocks they must avoid,
warning of hazards, lights to show the way
and guide them safely through the breaking storms
that swamped and wrecked…

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