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Travelling to Moon by Ananya S Guha

I am not a silent poet

The  Berlin wall fell
inches, slow degrees
the Korean will or will
not, but people will die
out of nuclear  exhaustion
farmer suicides
hole out black money
fill coffers with gold
I see a snot nosed
dirty haired child
in the morning’s sun
the hills have refused
him to enter their world
peopled with trees, grass
the morning dew. The
child sniffs at the wind
his satchel is empty
but his mind is filled
with tricks
the Berlin wall has fallen
Kashmir is a crucible
get yourself a sortie
travel to Mars or Moon
it’s better there
ever since Armstrong
paid a  visit.

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. how to recognise holiday makers and other creatures . by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

why will i want to or think of it

at all.                      in lower case.

aren’t we all    complementary,

designed with different features

and ramblings, not pausing for


we live in the country ; know that

all are different, enjoy a good time



aren’t we all in this together,     a

question with gritted              teeth

eventualities and commas.

do not worry over things. said this


all together.

the difference could make no difference.



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