Pleis-to-cene by Clara B. Jones

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Noun or Adjective: the Pleistocene or the system of deposits laid down during it (~2,588,000-11,700 ya)

Stevens said beauty is born of death, but isn’t Physics
what we seek in darkness? What use had an orchid
to a meteorite’s mass (M) while Triulzi faced

a banking crisis, and Turkey mourned explosions
in Istanbul—suicide bombers killing 37 after
meteorites barely missed Earth? European rugby was

winning, and genes explained differences between men
and women, and a mother said Clean your plate.
Children in Aleppo have nothing to eat. Leaf-cutters

crawled 3 meters up an Andira while jaguars climbed
higher—reaching monkeys sunning on wet branches.
Meteorites are older than nucleotides since heat causes

flowers to grow in the Smokies older than Tetons forged by
glaciers in the Pleistocene when Homo appeared at Olduvai.
Everyone is a publisher engaged in common work

though subalterns lead where markets can’t control…

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