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venus of coventry by reuben woolley

I am not a silent poet

st george
in the front
is my white

………..& red
across a toy
globe.is what
we owned.picture


a palette
a broken artist

there are people
who think in colour

…………………………very separate

they do not paint the changes

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How can we tell them that they are loved? by Jackie Biggs

I am not a silent poet

dust veils their faces

but their eyes stare out from our screens

dried blood streaks soft cheeks

shellshock programmes their stillness

their tears cannot run

yet they still fill their broken hearts

there is no more crying

in hell in their frozen world.

But let us show them, show them all,

that we still have tears.



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. 60. numbers and notes .

sonja benskin mesher

  1.  13.    care.                                   .                                                  #place

mother                                                                                   #place

where is  father?

  1. 15.   left school. left                      home.                                     #place

brought back by officials.

respite  with dancing,                                                                  thinner.

jazz                                                                       stones be came heavier.

these were the days. el cabala                                                             #place

elcabala                                                                                                    #place


  1. 16. left home, homeless


officials. taken back ‘home’

  1. 17. leave home. brought back
  2. 17+.daughter.
  3.   ‘home’                                                                                         #place
  4.  19+.   ‘home’             mother

diagnosed, overdosing at                      mention of her leaving.

  1. 19. brother  visited, bothering.            …

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Earth Sings by David Wilson

I am not a silent poet

If Earth sings

What song would she sound?

A last lament

For wilderness lost

And dying coral seas?

The strident anthem

Of human industry

And Science’s advance?

A joyful dance

For each mother’s love

And hopeful birth?

Or bitter cries

For suffering man

Of hunger, thirst and war?

If Earth sings

Her complex song

Tells of these and more

The music swells

As if to say

Regard this Earth with awe

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