. 60. numbers and notes .

sonja benskin mesher

  1.  13.    care.                                   .                                                  #place

mother                                                                                   #place

where is  father?

  1. 15.   left school. left                      home.                                     #place

brought back by officials.

respite  with dancing,                                                                  thinner.

jazz                                                                       stones be came heavier.

these were the days. el cabala                                                             #place

elcabala                                                                                                    #place


  1. 16. left home, homeless


officials. taken back ‘home’

  1. 17. leave home. brought back
  2. 17+.daughter.
  3.   ‘home’                                                                                         #place
  4.  19+.   ‘home’             mother

diagnosed, overdosing at                      mention of her leaving.

  1. 19. brother  visited, bothering.            …

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