You and Your Weapons by Denise Fletcher

I am not a silent poet

Influencing our children

At the youngest age

You and your weapons

Using the children like

Pawns in war games

You and your weapons

Training our boys with

Expensive war toys

You and your weapons

Turning brother against brother

On the streets in cold blood

You and your weapons

Wasting taxpayer money

When people are in need

You and your weapons

Mass-produced on a massive

Scale for mass murder

You and your weapons

You call it defense

But it’s really attack

You and your weapons

Dropping bombs

Like falling leaves

You and Your weapons

Watch your step

You might lose a limb

You and your weapons

Hurting our bodies & minds

With illegal testing

You and your weapons


DENISE FLETCHER is a freelance writer and artist. Her creative work has appeared in Kaleidoscope magazine, Open Minds Quarterly and other various publications. She is the author of the chapbook, A Thread…

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