Poetics of New Acoustics by Sudeep Adhikari

I am not a silent poet

Dystopia used to be a myth. But now

I live like a Transformer, headbanging

on the sonic booms

lacerating skins of Gaza-strip,

Baghdad, Belgium and Lahore. People

have evolved. In place

of their head, now

they carry a Call-of-Duty type

mask of Kevlar black.

The territorials are coupled

with terror-machine, through oil-ducts

made of high-end alloys

heat-treated, non-corrodible

and desert-friendly. Middle-path,

middle-east, middle-finger

media-machine squeaks. Free-thoughts

are not free after all. New-age

Whitmans and Wordsworths,

they need to hear the ultra-sonic sirens

of titanium drones, and the rattles of MH370.

Rivers don’t flow

with the same tranquility anymore.

A new layer of sonosphere, now circumscribes us

and Beethovens are pretty out of context.

We need to find love in a different way,

and make some poetic-machines for the new sounds of our time.

[Originally Published at Tuck Magazine, April 2016]

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