serpent dreaming by Mark Young

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Some time ago I wrote of finding a snake in two pieces in the back yard, severed according to the golden mean. A Fibonacci sequence the shaman told me.

Yesterday I found another dead snake in the yard. Entire, but with what could possibly be teeth marks in its patterned skin. Just over a foot long. Now residing in an empty coffee jar, waiting to go to the university for identification. The shaman knows about snakes as symbol, he doesn’t know their species.

But he tells me small snakes are the avatars of the giant serpent, that I am being tested. If I see a live snake between now & the approaching winter – we are just over one week into autumn – then I shall be the one that hibernates. If it is large then I may wake in spring inside a snake. If it is small, I may…

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