Old Ghosts Still Breathing by James D. Casey IV

I am not a silent poet

What a time to be alive
Riding on the bullet
Shot from the brink of 
Some hoping for it
Praying even
Screaming until blue in the face
Fearing for the future
Of our children
Yet no one hears
Money for bombs
But empty pockets
For education and food
Same old song and dance
One step forward
60 years back
Twisted values built
On shoulders of hate
And fear
With bigot ideals and
Misogyny values
Religious wars
Skin colors
Foreign policies
The list goes on
Old ghosts still breathing
They just own new faces
Wanting to police the world
Trying to walk backward 
Into the future
Division tactics
False fucking flags
Home brewed terrorists
The media propaganda
Is the real sleeper cell
In an Elysium reality
The problem isn’t lack of religion either
It’s lack of empathy for fellow man

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