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I Will Kiss You Where The Phoenix Rises by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

“Coventry has been named the most violent city in UK”


In England’s most violent city I sank in a galleon of fog to steal the red treasure and spent bronze coin of dusk. Maybe it is violent to see how buzzards fire themselves like bullets at voles and swallow their hearts like right wing newspapers. Maybe it is violent to see how magpies clean the road more travelled where badgers park forever split open at random by whatever car had trespassed their country. I only see violence when I look away and my heart will not allow it anymore. The most violent I ever felt was the moment I fell in adult love and realised that flesh is kaolin sculptured in the fires of loving a woman who knows who she is. If our world forgets how to spin I know that to love through fire you must be…

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