Atoms In A Sea of Fuck All by Paige Collins

I am not a silent poet

Us Humans are fucking miserable aren’t we. Living in our little universe breathing in question mark bubbles asking unanswerable questions until we reach 65 and can’t reach the remote.

Born with a given essence what we can shape into whatever we desire. Whether you want to go try smack, or do a law degree. There’s politics and philosophy and more forms of escapism but it won’t put out that fire.

That roaring fire in the depths of my heart or my mind, or maybe both. Keeping me going like pills for a patient on a day where no sun rises and no rain falls, no people smile. We’re in ultimate silence, infinite nothingness, atoms in a sea of fuck all, all the curiosity, all the monstrosity, all the thoughts, anguish, suffering, but not one key to the box that we locked our fears inside.

Fears and tears and dreams and teams…

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