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Poets should be middle class, it’s true by Joe Horgan

I am not a silent poet

Everybody hates the poor, it’s true,

the last acceptable distaste,

over wine and bites and the price of shoes

sit the policemen of taste;

ah, their leisure wear and fast food suppers,

their lack of work and endless plight,

the unnecessary excess of their being,

their queues for welfare in plain sight,

and the poets too, dislike them, it’s true;

being occupationally immune to where words fail,

cannot imagine their lives there,

shudder at those giant T.V. sports screens,

search for causes that have just begun,

something distant beneath the sun,

avoiding things that just aren’t fun,

oh, the poets, oh yes, the poets too,

because everybody, everybody hates the poor, it’s true.

The Poetry Programme
Joe Horgan, born to Irish parents and brought up in Birmingham, explores themes of migration and diversity in his poetry.

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