Drain the Swamp by David Wilson

I am not a silent poet

Drain the swamp

Of corrupt institutions

That serve their own purpose

Political pollution

Drain the swamp

Of career politicians

Who cling on to power

Without inhibition

Drain the swamp

Of litigant suits

Who smother the spirit

Of democracy’s fruits

Drain the swamp

Of corruption and vice

And ignore my past

I’m really quite nice

Drain the swamp

And fill it again

With liars and bullies

And millionaire men

So fill up the swamp

With intolerant laws

And scrap all compassion

Without even a pause

Replace what’s been emptied

With venom and hate

And boast of abuse

By person or state

Insult the disabled

And Muslims and queers

There’s nothing to stop us

At least for four years

Unless enough people

Sit up and take note

Democracy’s more

Than a quinquennial vote

Let’s stand and assert

That now is the time

To drain the new swamp

With its new stench and…

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