Extract from at vacuum’s edge by Michael Mc Aloran

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

…no never of/ never longing for/ yet somehow chokes stone dust in fathom lung abounding/ restless eye knotted clefts of teeth abortive unto spasm hilt/ locked underwater dredge/

what stun till paradisal winds a closure of redeem ever-lost no not a trace breath skulled unto/ unto winds that break from knowledge passive flung to rabid dogs/

blind blight a lock-held shadowing clasp-knife breathing severance erase not no/ not a trace skulk in or out of sound reductive fallen nothing uttered but for some trace desire for endless stone eclipt/

what pageantry motion unto waste/ to/ echo skin dressage of foreign nothing stripped to bone of rapture solace bled by dark/

closed fist gathered up proximity not a chance nor else given neutral bleed some trace malign etch of cold weight at vacuum’s edge/ some carnage garden where/

skinned beknown given to outcry solace no undoing as it runs further into…

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