Kate Noakes – Two Poems

The Stare's Nest

Not knowing the difference between weather and climate
In my Girl Guide manual
the Beaufort scale said
nought is a calm day, evidenced
not by scudding clouds or laundry
flapping on the line, the bend
and snap of branches or
a noticeable difficulty walking
but by vertical smoke
the perfect signal from a bonfire
and I remember ten is a hurricane
but there being no eleven
needed now to gauge
overheated hydrogen sulphide
and the dangerous blustery air
commonly known as a trump.
Gold and mirrors give my wife migraines

and we didn’t want to wait for the library

decades before we bind any books
so, we softened the decor.

Chocolate to coffee cream lampshades
go well, don’t you think?

They did a great job, a great job
hiding forearm tattoos in the stitching.

I like the sound when you flick them.
Kind of a drum. Tarum…

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