Law by Ananya S Guha

I am not a silent poet

Now block people from
entering  a country
as they snatch guns
also jobs
so let others snatch
guns will be more available
as well as jobs
let them use guns
to snatch jobs
which they never got
then how will you legislate?
if jobs and guns are equal?
Tell you what
smash all the jobs
have only market survey
for guns, import and export
then build houses with them
promote tourism
protect restaurants, hotels
schools, colleges, encourage
suicides, too many manics
let your gun toting machines
build a country. Stop people
let guns enter,sea sides, resorts,
towns, shops, let calumny be perfect
man’s hazards will stop.
Everyone protected by sanguine
laws. To bar people use guns
to prevent them from snatching
your work, use guns.
They will  speak in  multitudes,
crescendo of voices. Law.

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