Foraging by Stephen Daniels

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Golden sultanas
contain as small an amount as half a
sprig and a generous seasoning of
symptoms – including vomiting and diar-
heat. Whisk in the butter and check
in Hanover and in Munster, including
the reducing cooking juices.
The woodlands close to their refugee shel-
pour the rest of the marinade.
40 reported cases, mainly linked
using a heavy kitchen knife, slice
them for the bearded amanita
shred the Kale finely, cook in the
Mediterranean area
gently, then add a little salt and
ing them. It’s tragic, particularly when
flesh is still pink and juicy within.

This poem was created using a random method, using the two articles:

‘Refugees fall victim to poisonous mushroom’ – Guardian (Page 19), Wednesday 30 September 2015.

Nigel Slater ‘Grilled Partridge, Orange and Lemon Marinade’ Recipe, Observer Food Monthly, September 2015, No. 174 p.24.

Lines were separated according the article and numbered. Using a…

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