Je Suis Juif by Howard Richard Debs

I am not a silent poet

how is it to be told? . . . in detailing the facts themselves?

—Charles Reznikoff, Reznikoff Papers Box VII, Folder 26


His assailant tried to saw his finger off [News report]

Horrible [Facebook comment]      two Jewish brothers wearing skullcaps


said they were driving in Bondy [News report] a northeastern suburb

10.9 kilometers from the center of Paris [Wikipedia]    the “City of Love” []

In the Middle Ages Bondy was mainly forest notorious

for robbers and bandits extremely dangerous [Wikipedia]


they say they were forced off the main road by another vehicle the driver

and a passenger shouting “Dirty Jews, you’re going to die!” [News report]

Why is our world moving backwards? [Facebook comment]

The brothers were

abducted       surrounded    kicked     punched repeatedly [News report]


The situation in Paris has been getting worse [Facebook comment]


Jews are leaving France in record numbers


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