I’m human by Malka Al-Haddad

I am not a silent poet

I’m from a country at war

I am from a country that’s bleeding

A country of anger

And revolutions

A country of martyrs,

I’m from a country once called Mesopotamia

I’m from the land of black gold

I’m from the richest land on the earth

I’m from the land of sunshine on a golden desert

I’m from there

But I’m not there

I had beautiful dreams

I had friends, brothers, sisters, sweet parents and pink hopes…

I had green gardens, tall palms and olive trees

I had a warm winter

Blue rivers

Red flowers

I was born on land before the crossing of swords on the body

Turned into a banquet table

Before Bush and Blair turned our rivers  into blood

Then they donate us millions of tents instead of roofs for our houses

The rain has died in my homeland..

They left graves in the green  grass in our…

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