All across da jigsaw country by Joe Balaz

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

I’m off to da killing fields
or da hunting grounds

or watevah you tink it might be
to find out wats going on.

In regards to trajectory and aim
I’m beginning to notice

dat society is suddenly polarized
into separate camps

and all da bullets
are prepped and ready to hit dere  marks.

Everyone has wun love gun
or wun hate gun

dat dey are pointing
across da great divide.

Rest assured
all da chambers are fully loaded.

I see red and white targets
imprinted on da  pupils of da gathering crowd.

I also see da same concentric circles
on da fronts and backs of countless people.

Armament metaphors abound

cause it sure looks like it’s going to be
wun hell rising showdown

in wun full on gunpowder festival
all across da jigsaw country.

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