She’s got dream boys in da attic by Joe Balaz

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

She’s got dream boys in da attic
and some new intentions too—

looks like da kid
going be hard to handle.

Pull in da parental reigns

and watch dat filly’s hooves
go crashing through da wall

as she breaks free

and goes running into da night
crazed and rebellious.

Hoping dat she wuz still wun virgin
has just been canceled

and now da wish is
dat she no get pregnant.

But let’s not get too one-sided
and overly critical

cause somebody is partnering
wit somebody.

All da palomino colts
are sowing dere wild oats

in plain view
of wun double standard

so let’s tag dose studs too
wit some equal responsibility.

It’s wun powerful
two-way issue

dat good old court and spark

and everyone
wants to be prancing in da pasture.

Look at da spirit
in dose intense eyes

da flowing mane
and da flared nostrils.

She’s kicking up her legs
like wun…

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