Domestic Lawnmower Maintenance by Charlotte De’Ath

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

prelude C D

Sharpening Camomile For Blade Goodbyes

my bruise has all the colours of

autumn (fall)

i fell

i told the police officer

the colours are pretty

purple and brown shades (very this season)

he wants to know the history of the bruise

dust for the bruise’s fingerprints

check it out on the DNA database

                        in truth

                        hate got me in the gut


                        love smacked me around the face

                        there was a kick

                        but by then i’d fallen

                        into winter

                        all my extremities

                        turning blue

he says i should have a cup of hot sweet tea

he says i’m in shock

i told him for me this is love

and i’m right in it up to my neck

he says i should press charges

throw the book at the bastard

                        when i was a little girl

                        i pressed                    


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