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Lyric for Tuam by Sheila Jacob

I am not a silent poet

Did anyone

sing lullabies, kiss you

a final time

before they closed

your small unseeing eyes?

They took you

when the curl of the tide

swirled dark around the bay;

when owls screeched

swoop-winged and you,

little-boned and blameless,

were dumped where the earth

would never tell,

could never tell

but told,

opened its muddy mouth

and rang out secrets

louder than chimes

of noon-day’s Angelus bell.

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Mozart in Nairobi by Maria Stadnicka

I am not a silent poet

The citizenship lesson, on Wednesdays afternoon,

ends at three o’clock

with a Mozart concerto, live broadcast

from our detention centre.

The outer heavy traffic,

the rain washing the roof tops across Nairobi

penetrate the walls –

a sharp, urgent, high-pitched cry.

The ants come to light, across the border,

through a crack in the wood.

Perfect day for unattended prayers.


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