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Cancion del Abolengo / Song of Lineage by Terrence Sykes

I am not a silent poet

soy mulato
de los colores
rojo blanco azul
de mi nuevo pais
maroon y verde
suelo y rocas
de mi pais natal
campos que atendia
sembrando nuevos suenos
negro y gris
mia alma magullada
rotos por otros porque
soy mulato

I am a mixture
of the colors
red white blue
of my new country
brown green
soil & rock
of my birth country
fields I tended
seeding my dreams
black gray
my bruised soul
broken by others because
I am a mixture

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Children In Somalia Are Starving by Clara B. Jones

I am not a silent poet

Your father was sadistic, but it hurt Him more than it hurt
you. He never spanked, and that wasn’t the best of it since
the Price Equation taught you everything you wanted to
know. You memorized a list of fatal illnesses before He
drove you to a hospital where nurses said children
sleep on linen sheets, and every room was designed by
Shara Hughes whose objects d’Art are sold by Tiffany®
as limited editions. Dying children prefer to wear Hilfiger®,
but He said they should wear Old Navy®—more practical
and stylish with bare feet. Last year He gave Christmas
gifts to the tallest children in wheelchairs and ordered them
lunch from Red Lobster® because Shrimp Scampi is His
favorite meal and a healthy option for hungry girls. You
waited for Him in the lobby where George Grosz drawings
hung on grey walls above serpentine sofas designed by
Vladimir Kagan before…

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