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. a change of contents intended.

sonja benskin mesher

it came in pink tissue, crumpled. the glass.

she said that i may like it though it was

not good class,   did not ring true. i said

i did and imagined an elixir,   blue and

deadly poisonous.

it has sat waiting, and being of a pleasant

#mood   added the lead soldiers instead.

( i guess those be toxic if sucked steadily)

so here is the glass with the old clock

that chimes wrong and the photo of

my father in the war, behind.

thank you mary. it is your birthday soon,

then mine comes later.


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Too Sad To Be Funny by JD DeHart

I am not a silent poet

Everyone knows, she says,
that when a woman wears
more make-up she is seeking
an affair.  It’s these kind of
small terrible statements that
make me wonder if the contents
of the mouth speak more of the
person spilling them than the body
at which they are aimed.
This is the handgun wielding,
life besmirching voice I have
heard, with wild claims purporting
to have basis in ancient writ
or recent science.  Now I wonder
what each entry says
about the diarist.

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