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..land, or sometimes sea…

sonja benskin mesher

land or sometimes sea

can be


people divided.

people drowned.


written after the article,

was so before, now becomes

 more evident

daily post – territory


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. plant .

sonja benskin mesher

i was away a while, since last summer‘s referendum. i have an


it was all leading up, then it was suggested that i wrote about


remember the repair shop?   where they fixed the old phone.

she said it needed two hands, so she could not write a    note

at the same time it resembled the flower.                            a bit.
it was a difficult day yesterday, the cat died, the boy threw up,
we had the article.                                       yet i decided to come
now the exhibition is up.                                  these things.
i have seen some people dressed as daffodils on facebook maybe
related to rugby and/or saint’s days.
she was a midwife.
these things.

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Listen by Rick Richardson

I am not a silent poet

The night
so quiet like
a loaf of rising bread
or a letter
to the condemned
while the dead trees
of silence spread
their naked limbs
like a willow by the water
someone’s empty bed
all I know
is this universe
is a swarm of stars
and the moon
that ancient stone
burning like a ship
takes my life
on a journey without me
deaf as sleep
cold as the black sea.

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