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. April 2017. News from the Studio .

sonja benskin mesher

Studio News . April 2017

Email: – sonja@sonja-benskin-mesher.com




Member of Penwith Society of Art, St Ives, Royal Cambrian Academy and the United Artists Society.

Member of Fluxus.

Member of the Creative Collective for Refugee Relief, world wide.

Artists without Borders.

This month my artwork is part of the following projects and events.


About Women, The international Mail Art Project presents its complete collection for the first time in Barcelona. More than 2000 postcards sent by more than 500 artists and creatives from all over the world continue their itinerancy to continue generating bridges of communication and reflection between art and society.


Guitar works now part of the permanent archive of The Ontological Museum, Santa Fe, NM. Under its umbrella are the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction along with the Fluxmuseum. Thanks to Gary Bibb for the inclusion in his project



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