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Majesta by Phibby Venable

I am not a silent poet

Majesta is four.
She is watching the curtains blow
in the wind off the street
Something crashes outside her door
Bugs move friendly across her bed
She is quiet with bruises
She is obedient to abuse
She is a small white star
fearing two angry moons

(photo from khaleejtimes)


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OPINION | Rangzeb Hussain | “Go back home, Paki! This is England!” was my EDL welcome

I Am Birmingham

A member of the English Defence League (EDL) in BIrmingham on Saturday 8th April (Photograph: Rangzeb Hussain) A member of the English Defence League (EDL) in Birmingham on Saturday 8th April (Photograph: Rangzeb Hussain)

THUGS. That is what we are dealing with.

THUGS. Our world is being brutalized by the violence and ignorance of narrow-minded THUGS.

Today, in my home town, I experienced the hatred and intimidation of THUGS.

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I Will Not by Vera Ignatowitsch

I am not a silent poet

You were not there to watch when he

‘allegedly assaulted’ me

You point out facts that you distort.

My pants were tight. My skirt was short.

My perfume sucked the rapist in.

Expensive jewelry is a sin.

I had a drink; I smoked a joint.

“Those were advertisements.” You point

to my behavior, dress, and speech

as causes of this horrid breach

of all my rights. Your helping me

is nothing but a travesty.

How dare you heap me in disgrace?

He pulled a knife. He slashed my face.

He tore my body, beat me lame,

and now you won’t release his name?

Protect his rights, but shove your blame.

I will not wear your mask of shame.

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Mother Kiss by Vera Ignatowitsch

I am not a silent poet

At the door I look up

half a flight where she looms,

inviting me shockingly

to give her a kiss.

Astonished, I bound

up the steps for this thing

I long for, the velvety cheek

imprinted in baby time.

The kiss barely covers

a sniff when her hand

smashes into my head.

I fly back and down

half a flight, then a full one

down stairs to the basement,

bruised only, not broken

so no one will know.

No one ever knows.

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