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Forgotten by Reuben Woolley

Thanks to Abegail Morley for publishing this on The Poetry Shed.

Abegail Morley


in colours
of bright bones

& darker tones
these fields of wire &
cut flesh

……………..a slighter
theme fading
to greynote / a hungered
slope this



Reuben Woolley has been published in Tears in the Fence, The Lighthouse Literary Journal, The Interpreter’s House, Domestic Cherry, Ink Sweat and Tears, The Stare’s Nest, And Other Poems, The Poetry Shed, and Goose among others. He has a collection, the king is dead, 2014, Oneiros Books; a chapbook, dying notes, 2015, Erbacce Press; a short collection on the refugee crisis, skins, 2016, Hesterglock Press. Runner-up: Overton Poetry Pamphlet competition and the Erbacce Prize, both in 2015. He edits the online poetry magazines, I am not a silent poet and The Curly Mind.

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. gibbet . a collaboration.

sonja benskin mesher

Paul Brookes.

the wombwell rainbow – paul brookes

Two Poems


Stone where crime swung on a gibbet.

as a  village post it note.

Stone church entrance

embedded In three red hearts three white skulls

as a village memory jogger.

Stone, wood, metal Christs open

their wounds on crosses in three streets.

Grassy slagheap

dusty ground broken glass,

fly tipped patchwork carpet oddment lines fields, two bare bonced Scramblers scream past

Two young boys help tractored farmer gather golden corn harvest

All laugh together in the field knife edged

by housing

Time Out

with your

step grandad.

Only Christmas days

unwrapping action man

and hot wheels bind us.

From an asphalted pit lane

beside The Barley Sheaf

we walk into scrub.

“What are you doing at school now?”


I carry the minibeast book

I bought to help us.

“Don’t think we’ll find

any Scarab Beatles, today.”

No expression.

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