Rainbows Unbounded by Ceinwen Elizabeth Cariad Haydon

I am not a silent poet

(after Langston Hughes, I, too, am America)

You are pale, you are dark,

You are coloured in-between.

You are man, you are woman

You are proudly gender fluid.

You are gay, you are hetero,

You are bi, you are asexual.

You, too, are America.

You praise gods, you are agnostic,

You are new age, you are orthodox.

You are Asian or Mongolian,

You are African or Caucasian.

You are Latina or Latino,

You are Japanese, from Reno.

You, too, are America.


You are city folk or farmers,

You rated Bush or Obama.

You voted red or voted blue,

You like the old or like the new.

You love the South or love the North,

You wondered what DT was worth.

You, too, are America.

You are old, you are young,

You are healthy, you are ailing.

You read, you watch TV,

You are wise, you are flaky.

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