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Holocaust Remembrance Day: things they left behind by Howard Debs

I am not a silent poet

a locket

a strand of pearls

two tickets to a harpsichord concert

featuring the work of Bach

a brown leather briefcase

a Gramophone record

with selections of the Leipzig synagogue

a wooden dreidel with large red

Hebrew letters

a green atomizer bottle embossed with a Star of David

a pair of shoes……………………….a pewter sugar bowl

a brass kettle

a cap

a school report card in which the teacher wrote

“We know him to be a studious pupil. . . .”



visa applications

Author comment: The headline from the news report reads “Electrician Stumbles Upon Holocaust Time Capsule Inside Amsterdam Home’s Crawl Space.”  April 23rd at sundown through Monday April 24 is Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah). This poem invokes items found in the suitcase referenced in the article, items selected from the Central Judaica Database of artifacts and documents of the Museum of…

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