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To Answer Kushal’s Leaving, Entering by James C. Clemetson

I am not a silent poet

What you thought
was an eagle
was a vulture
a common mistake
I think

No matter
they all eat meat
no vegetarians
these birds of prey
no vegetarians, they

But we, the spirits
out of mind
don’t spend our moments
in thoughts unkind

We are but gods
with no pretense
who wish the world
none but the best

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Spreading the Word by Ananya S Guha

I am not a silent poet

message me if more are
killed or blasted by a mine
or bombed by a cowherd
or one pretending to be
I’m 24/ 7 on the mobile
or Apps
simply message me I’ll
review all recent deaths
and order an inquisition
as to:
were they due to cow slaughter
or terrorists
or farmers’ suicides
or plain suicide
or rape
just let me know
then, the inquisition
will send the report
and I can message you back
for you to forward, backward
spread the word.

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The Thing Is by Finola Scott

I am not a silent poet

It’s not the net-surfing for cheap flights,

the hoarding of air miles.It’s not the shopping

around for good euro deals, or filling cases

with new clothes for a week’s break.

It’s not the duty free booze or the greed

-grabbed cigarettes, addiction on the cheap.

It’s not the stroll through Border Control,

waving maroon passports. No.

The thing that gets me is the five thousand

rescued last weekend, the six hundred drowned

this year. Numbers, more numbers. Eight hundred

euros for a privileged space in a boat

that darkness-drifts the Med. Good weather’s a lure

for tourists, a bonus to traffickers. The desperate

assured of safe passage in flimsy dingies. Cloud high,

seat belts are fastened ready for landing.

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