inalienable right to strip the world of choreography by Mark Hartenbach

I am not a silent poet

present reality scheming for a look into the future
as a causal universe is rolling along on training wheels

theatrical adventure that takes us nowhere to be found
where the relevance of this scene is always in question

where old guard is falling asleep at the gates of heaven
where there doesn’t have a to be a good reason

when it could as easily be a bad reason instead
allegedly characterized by spirit of unconditional love

but i see too many dollar signs to buy that rubbish
see ambitious lunging at object of affection

a story based on the former life of a ridiculous man
is fulfilling social obligations despite the fact

unsettling remarks are actually quite the opposite
are jimmied achievements of uniform impressions

supposedly natural rivals suffering moral bankruptcy
ignoring all mandates strung along for the ride

allegedly formulating a new search for meaning
manipulation of regardless escaping…

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