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An Act of Peace by David Mitchell

I am not a silent poet

In Peace rooms

Peace cabinets

Plan for Declarations of peace:

How to react to future

Out breaks of Peace,

And how to circumvent

the dangers of

all out Nuclear Peace.

In classrooms Teachers teach

The history of Peace

The Vietnam Peace

Boar Peace

Civil Peace

The Great Peace

The Second World Peace

Each day

We read Peace headlines

Peace in the Middle East

Peace in Africa

Peace on drugs

Peace on terror

Peace on Hate.

Some say religion causes Peace.

And life itself is a long

Peace between good and evil.

Yet acts of Peace

Unite us,

And define the good in us.

When People gather

In their thousands,

To Light candles,

Bring flowers,

Sing songs,

And choose kindnesses.

David has had poetry published in magazines including Black Light Engine Room, Bard, Zen Space and Simply Haiku.

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It ain’t over and I’m the fat lady by Oonah V Joslin

I am not a silent poet

We’re all strung up on election wire.
It grates, cuts, shreds and twangs
with every changing wind that aspires.
Westminster long since lost it’s chimes
with the people. In these divisive times.
like spider webs, discord spreads,
echoes across chaos, dividing friends,
in the name of god or money. Lies
dressed up as truth: as if the truth is some
thing simple or certain or can be
untangled from the past. Wires,
wires, wires, wires and no communication.
We are divided. Divided. A nation of have-nots
being hung out to dry. But we have
a voice. We can sing together one final, long, loud note.
We can decide which orchestra plays.
Don’t waste your right to VOTE.

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#chestercathedral by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

i come to you each month to leave a prayer to be said. i have no faith yet live in hope.

look at mosaics, oh absalom, my son, my son.

wonder where the justice is. i come to think on things. each time i am challenged as to my reasons, & do i have a ticket?

it is enough to put some off from visiting at all. only the brave. thank you.

pray for them, all is in disorder.


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.. wouldst thou be pm, an abbreviation.. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

archaic or dialect question, in appropriate.                         a lowly start

with slight misgivings,  i come arrived from the country, an immigrant


if the task came to me unlikely, i should sew profusely.  a safe bet in that

something grows decently.

do you know how to stitch a lie, when all about grow honesty?  mine was

white last year,

now nothing germinates.

the question is irreverent, no disrespect meant.  forgive me, this is the second

time. this time,

i shall stay.

despite my nationality.


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.moving on. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

moving on from the last verse of girly looking

after girly, we stopped at the jeweller’s window.

the assistant, neat looked bore & very clean. the

rings were                  three thousands and more.

enough to take her        home and more.

“yes sir you may buy the ring, for a
thousand pounds, or choose to save
her life”


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Bang Bang There Goes Your Heart by Marissa Glover

I am not a silent poet

After we post Instagram pics:                       ample booty

red lips                       round faces     these happy pouts

out with our besties—

after we subtweet lyrics to our ex: #badforwomen

so everyone knows the song is about him,

we wish now for one more night,

for someone new to take the stage, someone

to sing the world’s broken hallelujah whole again.

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